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Adobe Mac Los Angeles Orlando Ayala

Adobe MAX 2019: My Top Feature & Sneak

I love going to Adobe MAX. It is a must, go to, conference for any creative! I enjoy the entire 3 days and if you’re lucky to sign up early, you are able to get in-front of the best instructors…Read more
Stella Rose and the Sea Dragon Kindergarten Reading

Reading Stella Rose and the Sea Dragon in Kindergarten

I started reading and all 40 eyeballs were glued to me… I had the pleasure to read in my daughter’s kindergarten class a few weeks back. Now, I know for some this is no big deal, but for me, this…Read more
Route 66 Project with Orlando Ayala

Designing a Midway Game: Route 66 Racer

Let me start with some context. I’ve worked at Pacific Park, an amusement park, for all my career. That is 20+ years in the Amusement industry. I am a Creative Designer by trade and during my tenure at Pacific Park,…Read more
Food photography menu design Orlando Ayala

Playing with Food, Photography

As a designer, it is rare to take part in photoshoots. To lead one and get the necessary shots for a project, at times, can be far fetch. For most projects, a designer is packaged with the copy, any creative…Read more
Food menu photos Orlando Ayala

Restaurant Menu Design: Food Photography

Designing a restaurant menu sounds simple. You get the list of items from the owner/manager, their descriptions, and your good… Right!? Nope, it’s not that simple… The layout of menu items, like the items you want the customer to see…Read more

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