Hi, my name is Orlando Ayala. I have been working for Pacific Park on the World Famous Santa Monica Pier for over 20 years. My story has history and it is very interesting to say the least. Maybe that story will be for another day but for your interest, I have been leading the Creative and Digital side for the Marketing team for just over 8 years now.

I have gained experience in all aspects of design from concept to final production. I have worked with vendors to negotiating price to sourcing product and creating larger than life pieces. I’ve jumped into the deep end of digital and the social side of building social content and running ads.

My journey is never the same and I always have something new or interesting to share.

I have decided to share my journey, my experience, my projects and my workflow with you. Even my ups and downs, well maybe – lol. I will be documenting as I go. The creative life is awesome but never easy.

My goal is for you to see what it takes to be a designer, the patience and continued learning needed but more importantly to show you that YOU are getting in your own way. I will be your Experience Strategist. I will show you but more so guide you with my experiences. There is no “right” way in getting things done but as long as you have a creative that is professional and rocks! You won!

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