Adobe MAX 2019: My Top Feature & Sneak

Adobe MAX 2019: My Top Feature & Sneak

I love going to Adobe MAX. It is a must, go to, conference for any creative! I enjoy the entire 3 days and if you’re lucky to sign up early, you are able to get in-front of the best instructors teaching the latest tips, tricks, tools, and trends in the industry.

This year it was held in Los Angeles, CA at the the Los Angeles Convention Center. My home town.

If you’ve been to MAX, let me know! I would love to hear your experiences and feedback. Please hit me up in the comments below!

Also, if you’ve attended the MAX Pre-Conference sessions and think it’s worth wild, DM me! I would love to get your thoughts! That’s the only thing I haven’t done and would like to do. 

Article Overview:

  • My favorite Creative Cloud feature introduced at Adobe MAX
  • What MAX Sneak feature blew me away!
  • Why I continue to attend MAX year after year
  • About Adobe MAX

My favorite Creative Cloud feature introduced at Adobe MAX

1) Besides Adobe Photoshop being released on the iPad during the conference… Click here for video  (Wow!) 

2) Besides the quick sneak peek and introduction of Illustrator coming soon to the iPad… Check out video here (Double WOW! ) 

3) AND, besides Adobe Rush now partnered with TikTok OR Adobe Premiere capturing a subject with in a resized frame… MUST SEE video here (💥 💥 💥)

My favorite feature belongs to one inside Adobe Photoshop 2020. It is a practical feature that we use as an everyday tool. It’s simple. And nothing like the Puppet Warp! But useful.

The New Object Selection tool. 

Check out this video presented by Adobe Evangelist, Terry White, on this new feature. 

Don’t get me wrong, there were tons of features released that I would love to talk about but what this new tool does, on the basic level, is amazing…

I personally use the Pen Tool or Channel Layers to cut out my objects, however, this is a game changer with the help of Adobe Sensei AI machine learning

What MAX Sneak feature blew me away! 🤯 

Every year, Adobe employees showcase potential future tech on stage. It’s a sneak peak into Adobe research of highly requested features that will or will not make it into Adobe products. 

Each year, I’m always blown away with a feature that I wish I could have now. Check this one out. 


Now, I am not an animator by any means but I enjoy playing with all the different tools from Adobe Creative Cloud.

The ability to animate full body motion on a character that I can design in seconds is incredible. When Adobe Character Animator came out and you could animate a character’s face, eyes, and speak words, it was amazing…

Above all, this potential feature added with Character Animator takes the entire animation process to a new level for a graphic designer! No coding necessary!

Check out all the other MAX Sneaks videos from Adobe here!

Why I continue to attend MAX year after year…

There are many sites to get updates, training, and find industry news at sites like YouTube,, Phlearn online and countless others. There are unlimited resources at your fingertips. Many!

So why attend Adobe MAX?

When you step into the convention center, as soon as you walk through those doors… the feeling of creativity is in the air, an experience different from a video screen…

You. Are. Home!

You are with thousands of likeminded individuals, creatives whom have faced the same ups and downs, trials and tribulations that no one will understand… And if you are an introvert like me and you muster up to start a conversation, it is incredible to uncover how much you have in common with everyone…

Like a client who sends you all images and text in a PowerPoint document… Ugh! Nooo!

You can easily meet someone, share war stories, get advice, but more importantly, learn and experience unique and one of a kind, hands on sessions/classes with top instructors in the industry that you can’t get anywhere else. 

About Adobe MAX?

In conclusion, Adobe MAX is for any creative in the industry or graphic designer starting off. This show has it all! You are the first to see all the new features and “Sneaks,” get hands-on training and practical tips by the best in the industry, connect with like minded individuals and vendors, as well as get inspired at every turn.

The Adobe MAX is an annual event held by Adobe Systems in North America, Europe and Japan. The purpose of the event is to promote the latest Adobe releases to those in the computer design and development industries. The event also announces the winners of the Adobe MAX Award.


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