Starting A New

Here is to starting something new in 2019… I’ve beaning working a lot! Creating a lot of things, going to different conferences, reading a ton of blogs and watching more and more videos on YouTube… Learning never ends and it is something you should always pride yourself on doing everyday of your life. What’s Next […]

Social: Facebook Pixel training with Jon Loomer

Last month I took Jon Loomer’s Introduction to the Facebook pixel training course. It was a 4 week training program, 1-hour class, once a week. Topics of the training program includes: An Introduction to the Facebook Pixel Traffic: Website Custom Audiences Custom Conversions and Standard Events Optimization, Tracking, and Strategies This is a great course […]

Social: Facebook Ad Testing

There are 2 ways to get attention for your personal brand or business on Facebook. Posting organically or by paid/sponsored advertising. Let’s talk about Facebook paid/ sponsored advertising and my experience with them in what I am doing right now. Organically will be in another post and I should have some personal data to back […]