News CC EPISODE #3– Week of 10/31/17

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News CC EPISODE #3– Week of 10/31/17

Hey guys, it’s Orlando here… Happy Halloween! So this past week – After Adobe MAX – we are getting non stop news! A lot of updates are trickling in and in ALL forms – SO here are my top NEWS CC recap for this week!

1. Adobe MAX Recap & Session Links

If you haven’t heard, Adobe Sensei is coming! It’s all about machine learning & is at the core of some of the best stuff happening with Adobe!

So, Adobe MAX – Did you get the link to the Keynote videos & sessions? How about MAX Sneaks? Did you get a chance to see them all? Well… click the link below, I’ve provided links to Sensi, MAX and Sneaks! Check them out!

1. Adobe Sensei HERE!
2. Adobe Max Keynote & Sessions HERE
3. Adobe MAX Sneaks Videos HERE

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2. Live Trainings & the NEW Color Fonts – FREE

Adobe will be going LIVE more on Social and Youtube per Adobe MAX. Here are some live streams you might be interested in:

On Facebook, Jason Levine went through “Creating Motion Graphics Templates in Adobe After Effects” and on YouTube, you can catch: “Design in Adobe XD on Windows” with Daniel Alegria, See Terry White in “Getting Started with Lightroom CC”, and “Creating & Using Multicolor Fonts in Illustrator CC 2018” with Paul Trani. – Now, this is new! You can download 5 Color fonts this week -FREE! those links are below as well!

FREE Color Fonts Download this Week, Click HERE

3. Who doesn’t enjoy masking?

Did you see and react to my masking project on Facebook? I received a great tip at Adobe Max from Glyn Dewis on Masking and thought I’d test it out. In my FB test, 18% of those who reacted got it right! Here goes the original photo. I pulled all images from Adobe stock. Please look for a Tutorial on this – coming soon! This was fun! Check out my Facebook Post HERE

4. Photoshop rock band & CC Increase!

Nicole Natale from Digital Arts Online reports -Spoon (A US Rock Band) has just unveiled a new music video single, ‘Do I Have to Talk You Into It’ themed and created with Photoshop! The group did a research and found that 80% of their fanbase are graphic designers. Way to go in getting to know your audience Spoon! I thought this was cool… and in other news… Click HERE for the full article

Reports are coming out saying that Adobe CC prices will be increasing… Let see how this will play out and effect OUR pockets!!

Thanks for reading – That’s some of your news for Creative Cloud this week and as always – Please like, share or subscribe and I’ll see you soon! Peace!

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Orlando Ayala

Orlando Ayala

Orlando Ayala is a Los Angeles-based Creative Director, Graphic Designer, Digital Marketer and Experience Strategist. Currently Orlando is the Creative Director with Pacific Park on the World Famous Santa Monica Pier leading the creative and strategic teams working in visual, traditional and digital mediums.