Playing with Food, Photography

Playing with Food, Photography

As a designer, it is rare to take part in photoshoots. To lead one and get the necessary shots for a project, at times, can be far fetch. For most projects, a designer is packaged with the copy, any creative assets, and a creative brief as well as a countdown that has started long before the project was assigned.

I participated in and led a photoshoot for a food menu project that I worked on. Above all, the project goal was to take the current menu and insert featured images. In turn, the updated food menu would better communicate appealing food items to increase impulse purchases.

It was fun to spend time with food photographer David Solzberg of Solzberg Studios. David brought to life food items for one of Pacific Park‘s oceanfront foodcourt restaurant, Beach Burger.

food photography menu design orlando ayala

I presented David with a platter of food and with the help of Pacific Park’s chef, Moises Mosqueda, they both assembled photo ready food “models.” With oil cups, spray bottles, brushes and more by their side, this was a treat to watch. Similarly, I took a hand in “sculpting” the perfect chicken tender combo shot. With that, a pro-tip from David, have the parchment paper peak out on the sides of the paper bowl, not to over power the visual. It will add a nice touch to the photo.

chicken tenders photography menu orlando ayala

Working on this project gave me an in depth look of how much effort goes into crafting that perfect food shot. Food photographers spend time in front and behind the lens to capture that exciting visual that food lovers crave.

Check out a deeper dive in to this project – Designing Restaurant Menus: Food Photography. In addition, this experience journal includes tips on taking photos and handling images post production.

I hope I can show a little bit about myself and the creative experiences I am involved with. Similarly, this will also touch on projects I am challenged with.

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