When I think of that essential tool, that one thing that I always have and use, even with all the technology that surrounds us, I go back to one of the tools my parents gave me as a child.

A pencil ✏️…

When I need to start a project or when I have a sit down kick off meeting with clients, I quickly pull out my pencil and notepad and start doodling with pictures & notes. Note taking and rough sketch ideas automatically start to build a road map to outlining and creating the project concept.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I use an iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil when the mood strikes me but the convenience of a pencil and paper in hand is much more convenient, lightweight and less baggage than an iPad and all the accessories.

I am able to sketch and get my thoughts across much quicker and if the client needs to give input, taking my pencil is not foreign to them! I can slide my notes over to them and they can make edits or additions just as fast! Collaboration!

What is your go to, must have tool in your back pocket?

Published by Orlando Ayala

Orlando Ayala is a Los Angeles-based Creative Director, Graphic Designer, Digital Marketer and Experience Strategist. Currently Orlando is the Creative Director with Pacific Park on the World Famous Santa Monica Pier leading the creative and strategic teams working in visual, traditional and digital mediums.