Okay, how is the most magical place in the world, Disney and trashcan in the same sentence? Well… 😂

I’ve recently updated and designed the graphics for Pacific Park’s trashcans. We’ve added a simple wave element with the Park logo to the front and back panels. We purchased 2 sizes of trash cans to accommodate different traffic areas. A large and smaller size. Both with different width specs as you can imagine. We purchased our trash cans from Mills Engineering. They are well known for their waste receptical cans around the world in theme parks.

Each trash can front and side panels were measured. We end up only covering the front and back panels with graphics. We used 2 different size specs for prints.

Because we purchased several trash cans, in different colors and sizes, we choose to use a spot white print on a clear vinyl to wrap them with. We did not use a decal or die cut because the Park’s logo has too much texture elements and is not easily made for vinyl cutting. Also, kids like to pick at stuff and we could have missing letters everywhere…

Best choice would have been to use a glossy print with white elements and matching PMS trash can color for the backgrounds. But to get a quicker turnaround we opt out and got the clear vinyl to have ready in time for trashcan arrival. When I do reprints, I may use this option instead.

Here are the final looks of Pacific Park’s trashcans with the help of Lendro.

[URIS id=665]

Now…. Downtown Disney and what I learned for future designs that will be more effective. See the images below….

[URIS id=675]

Do you see what I see? Regardless of what size the trashcan is, this decal design will fit in the lower corner and match the adjacent panel next to it!
The trashcan can be at any length and this design just works! Did you notice that these are 2 different types of trash cans? 🤔

Experience Tip:
Now, we can still design any way we like but after seeing this -if you are using multiple sizes for trash cans this can be a great option to:

  • Use same, smaller, spec for decal on all trashcan sizes
  • Easy install with no additional work for production
  • You can have multiple decals produced and stored for when you are refreshing old trashcans or when purchasing new ones!

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Published by Orlando Ayala

Orlando Ayala is a Los Angeles-based Creative Director, Graphic Designer, Digital Marketer and Experience Strategist. Currently Orlando is the Creative Director with Pacific Park on the World Famous Santa Monica Pier leading the creative and strategic teams working in visual, traditional and digital mediums.