I used a mouse for years! I grew up on a mouse. In school we had a mouse and in college, when I was learning graphic design & multimedia, we worked on a mouse. We didn’t have tablets. It was new to us…

I’ve tried a tablet twice in my early learning experience and I did not like it. It was horrible. The mouse was the norm and I couldn’t make the switch.

Here is the big move, the big switch! When I say you should only use a tablet, everyone should be using a tablet.

BIG TIP: when you have a tablet in hand, hide your mouse, put it where it is far from arms reach. Focus on weathering the storm and force yourself to use the pen. It will be worth it in the end.

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So what’s the big deal? You write with a pen, color with markers or crayons, paint with a brush so your creative work should be done with a… 🐭?

The Wacom table or any tablet in similar gives you the ability to move like you would when you are creating something traditionally. Dodging and burning or retouching, the Wacom gives you the benefit of touch, brush feel and pressure…

I use the Wacom Intuos Pro and can’t see my self with out it.

Published by Orlando Ayala

Orlando Ayala is a Los Angeles-based Creative Director, Graphic Designer, Digital Marketer and Experience Strategist. Currently Orlando is the Creative Director with Pacific Park on the World Famous Santa Monica Pier leading the creative and strategic teams working in visual, traditional and digital mediums.