Here is an overview of speedboat #2 that I did for our Pacific Park ride – Wave Jumper. The original boat design was basic with stripes. Stripe colors were green, blue and red so I stayed with that same color scheme but redesigned the final stripes in my own vision.

Here is the original boat design from the manufacturer.
wave jumper old decal jan 2017

We had our paint team take care of prepping the boat, prime and paint. I made sure the design and vinyl prep was ready on my end.

My step by step overview:

  1. I designed the artwork in Adobe Illustrator along with cutlines
  2. Printed the vinyl using the Summa DC5 printer
  3. Laminated the prints
  4. Place vinyl in plotter for cut
  5. Prep the sheets by removing the excess vinyl that I did not need
  6. I only masked the hood design to help keep the striped pieces together for install
  7. Cleaned and wiped down the ride prior to install
  8. Applied

See video below:

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Published by Orlando Ayala

Orlando Ayala is a Los Angeles-based Creative Director, Graphic Designer, Digital Marketer and Experience Strategist. Currently Orlando is the Creative Director with Pacific Park on the World Famous Santa Monica Pier leading the creative and strategic teams working in visual, traditional and digital mediums.